Kelly Powers


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As a child in Connecticut, Kelly Powers found inspiration and empowerment not in the mayor or an attorney but instead in a local real estate agent. Always impeccably dressed and confident, cruising between property showings and her daughter’s gymnastics class in a white convertible, the agent happened to be the mother of Kelly’s best friend. She cut a powerful figure for Kelly, who has subsequently followed a fascinating career path of her own while raising twin daughters with her husband, Kevin. Kelly was a fashion designer in Italy and New York, helmed a major mixed-use renovation project in Richmond, and worked as an account manager for a large insurance agency in Virginia. And now, after moving at least 26 times between seven states and two countries, she has arrived as a new and enterprising real estate agent for Chatham, Durham, and Orange counties.

Kelly’s unique mix of experiences gives her an interesting perspective on realty: She admires the way it marries the beauty of architecture (another career path she wanted to pursue as a child, thanks in part to hometown hero Martha Stewart) to the functionality necessary for a family. Her time in the corporate world overseeing insurance contracts has given her the sort of detail-oriented obsessiveness and organizational skills that getting clients from offer to closing entails. And after moving so many times in so many cities, she’s motivated by a sense of discovery for her new home in the Piedmont of North Carolina, where she visited her family for two decades before moving for good herself in 2018. Now, she’s busy exploring the area’s great spaces—art galleries, CrossFit gyms, gluten-free restaurants—alongside others fresh to the Triangle. “Having a home gives you an anchor and roots in a place. It allows the rest of your life to flourish,” she says. “It’s exciting to be part of that process for people, to give them that chance.”